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Country Kitchen 2 682x368 1

French Country Kitchen

Do you want to create a rustic farmhouse style kitchen with a classic and contemporary feel? French country kitchens incorporate…
B01061 Dryer Bracket 1200x628 682x368 1

How to mount a wall dryer

Using dryer brackets to create space and minimalism Clothes dryers are an essential component of many households, allowing families to…
how to build a diy corner shelf hero image 682x368 1

How to build DIY corner shelves

A quick-and-easy guide to building corner shelves with reinforcing brackets and corner plates Thinking of adding more shelving? You don’t…
How to showcase your trophies hero images 682x368 1

DIY trophy shelf ideas

These trophy shelves for walls are a classy way to showcase your success Our kids’ trophies are about more than…
metal vs timber shelf brackets choosing the right material for your aesthetic hero image 682x368 1

Metal vs timber shelf brackets

Make a design statement with metal or timber shelving brackets Decorative shelving brackets can add zing to an interior space or…