DIY trophy shelf ideas

These trophy shelves for walls are a classy way to showcase your success

Our kids’ trophies are about more than winning. Much more. They represent the pain they pushed through during training, the fears and insecurities they overcame, and the integrity they showed in spite of it all.

We can show our kids how proud we are of their achievements—their hard work, bravery, and humility—by building them trophy shelves with our bare hands. But we also have to be role models. So we’d  better build a shelf for our own trophies too.

In this piece, we explore chic DIY trophy shelf ideas. They’re sleek, quick-and-easy to build, and surprisingly functional. There’s ceiling shelves, glass shelves, and shelves built into desks and alcoves. But we’re going to start with the most popular trophy display idea right now—floating shelves.

Carinya has more than chic trophy display ideas, we have the brackets to help you build them. Find them at your local Bunnings Warehouse

1. Floating shelves

diy trophy shelf ideas

Floating shelves appear to be floating in mid-air. It’s a clever visual effect that’s possible thanks to special brackets. Floating shelves have a minimal presence, yet make a huge impact. As champion boxer Muhammad Ali said, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

Why are floating shelves so popular?

  • They seamlessly match minimal and modern decors.
  • They are a surprisingly simple DIY project.
  • Versatility — they can be made with creative styles and shapes.

What are the different styles of floating shelves?

  • The most common floating shelf is a single floating shelf. Two brackets are used to hold up one shelf. It’s also known as a floating bookshelf.
  • Corner floating shelves have two single floating shelves that meet in the corner, making a shelf that extends out on both walls. They’re excellent for smaller rooms as they maximise floor space.
  • Your shelves can be made into any creative shape you like. Currently, L-shaped shelves and hexagonal shelves are in vogue. But we have a huge range of brackets, so the only limit is your imagination.
  • On all of the above styles, you can ‘stack’ shelves one above the other—just make sure you’ve left enough room for your tallest trophies to fit.

Which bracket should I use?

The brackets are the most important part of floating shelves—they’re what make them ‘invisible’. Our Floating Shelf Bracket was designed specifically for floating shelves. You can find the bracket and select a shelf at Bunnings.

2. Ceiling shelves

Ceiling shelves run a foot or two beneath the ceiling. They can run around the entire perimeter of the room—perfect for super athletes and chess champions with countless trophies. But the best thing about ceiling shelves is they are incredibly practical.

Why are ceiling shelves so practical to showcase trophies?

  • They’re safe. Nobody can bump into them when they’re above head height.
  • Being above head height also means trophies won’t be knocked off the shelf and damaged.
  • They utilise part of the room that otherwise goes unused.

Which bracket is best?

The Manhattan Heavy Duty Angle Brackets are ideal for ceiling shelves. Not only are they strong and sturdy, their sleek design blends into any bedroom. Alternatively, the natural Pine Stayed Brackets Raw look great in kids rooms—they’re also available in a crisp white finish.

3. Wall Alcove Shelf

trophy shelves for walls

An alcove in the wall is designed to showcase ornaments, art, or trophies. It’s perfect. And it’s worth incorporating other design ideas into your alcove alongside your trophies.

How to incorporate other design ideas with a trophy shelf in your wall alcove?

  • Hang photographs related to your achievements. For example, If you have football trophies, hang a photo of you kicking a goal.
  • Incorporate the trophies into a broader design theme. Place them alongside art, houseplants, ornaments, and family photos. It’s important to remember that trophies are part of life, not the purpose.
  • Use the space to feature all the families achievements. Compliment Dad’s Masters Degree with his daughter’s Spelling Bee trophy. As we know, behind every champion is a family supporting them.

Which bracket is best?

Decorative brackets fit an alcove shelf perfectly. For a bold design, go with the Black Satin Scroll Bracket. Or for a more minimalist look, select the Lipped Shelf Bracket Black. You can find the brackets and a shelf for the project at Bunnings.

4. Floating desk

A floating desk has a workspace — the desk — that folds down from the wall. As it folds down, it reveals the shelves which are attached to the wall. That shelf is the perfect space for academic trophies.

Why are floating desks ideal for academic trophies?

  • They provides motivation as you work or study. Past success gives you the confidence to pursue new academic goals and persist through challenges.
  • Floating desks save lots of space in the bedroom. They give you the benefit of a desk, without taking up space.
  • Along with trophies, it’s a great spot to keep books.

Which bracket is best?

A pair of the Euro Shelf Brackets support a load weight of 150 kilograms, so they’ll be able to hold up a floating desk — and all your trophies. They are also available in white, silver, or black, so you can match them to the desk and your room.

Got your screwdriver? When you’ve chosen the trophy display idea you want to build in your home, head to Bunnings, where you’ll find all the brackets and shelving you’ll need. And once you’ve got your materials, check out our guide on how to install shelf brackets.

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