Fortify your home renovations with the best reinforcing brackets

Make sure your home is safe and structurally sound by using the best reinforcing brackets and plates

Home renovations are exhilarating. You get to knock down walls, nail down decks, and set up shelves. It feels like you’re starring on the latest TV renovation show.

But as much fun as it can be, it’s important to ensure our renovations are secure. Your home is where your family sleeps, friends gather, and pets play.

Using the correct reinforcing brackets and reinforcing plates is critical. So let’s explore how and when to use them in your home renovations.

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Mending Plates

Reinforcing plates

Mending plates are best used for small repairs and major renovations. Comprising steel plates, they are used to strengthen joints on housing frames, furniture, shelves, gates and more. They come in flat L or T shapes of varying sizes and are plated and coated in different materials (for durability and aesthetics).

How are mending plates used?

A section of the mending plate is placed on each piece of material. The plate is then screwed or bolted into place — joining the material together.

  • T-shaped mending plate: This type of plate is used to connect two, or even three, pieces of intersecting materials. For example, it can be used at the centre of a screen door or gate, where the horizontal panel connects to each of the side rails.
  • L-shaped mending plate: This is primarily designed for corner connections, such as the corner of a kitchen cabinet. They are also used to secure cabinets, bookcases, and entertainment centres to the wall — with one arm attached to the wall and the other to the piece of furniture.

Strengthen your repairs and renovations by using a mending plate on both sides of the material and then bolting them together.

Reinforcing Mending Plates

Reinforcing mending plates are suitable for smaller home renovation and repair projects, such as:

  • Timber joining
  • Furniture repairs
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Wardrobe renovations
  • Carpentry projects

The best mending plates for these tasks are:

reinforcing brackets

All four above plates above are made from zinc-plated steel to provide corrosion resistance. You can find them at Bunnings WarehouseHome Hardware, and Mitre 10.

Heavy Duty Mending Plates

When you’re doing serious home renovations, you’re going to need some heavy-duty mending plates for:

  • Fixing roof trusses or pergolas
  • Repairing and reinforcing timber or steel joins
  • Fixing gates, fences, outdoor seats and more

The best mending plates for these tasks are:

hardware supplies

You can choose from Carinya’s selection of plates at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

Reinforcing Brackets

How do reinforcing brackets work

Reinforcing brackets are ideal for indoor and backyard carpentry renovations or repairs. They are used as bracing and to strengthen shelving, furniture, and other joints.

How do reinforcing brackets work?

The bracket is used to connect one piece of material to another, such as a chair leg to the seat, or the shelf to a wall. The bracket is affixed to each plane using screws.

When installing reinforcing brackets, there are a few important details to keep in mind.

  • Brackets should only be attached to wall studs when attaching it to plasterboard walls, or brickwork/masonry (not mortar or grouting)
  • Appropriate heavy duty fasteners should be used
  • Do not use plastic wall plugs to fix brackets to walls under any circumstances
  • Make sure the bracket is securely fixed to the wall and all screws are fastened tightly

Zinc-Plated Reinforcing Brackets

The zinc-plated brackets make them excellent for indoor repairs and renovations, such as:

  • Smaller repair jobs
  • Furniture repairs
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Carpentry projects
  • Chair bracing

The best reinforcing brackets for these tasks are:

zinc plated reinforcing brackets

You can find these Carinya reinforcing brackets in Bunnings Warehouse. They all feature zinc plates for corrosion resistance.

Galvanised Reinforcing Brackets

Galvanised reinforced brackets provide added protection for the outdoors, so they’re often used in backyard renovations. They’re also frequently used for:

  • New shelving projects
  • Repairing or reinforcing timber or steel
  • Strengthening joints or repairs in frames, posts, beams, shelves or cabinets

The best reinforcing brackets for these tasks are:

galvanised reinforcing brackets

Choose from a selection of Carinya galvanised reinforcing brackets at Bunnings Warehouse.

With the right reinforcing brackets and plates, you can build strong and secure shelves, cabinets, kitchens, chairs, fences and, most importantly, keep your home safe and structurally sound when renovating.

Carinya has the highest quality hardware materials for your next home renovations. Whether you’re setting up some new shelves or undertaking a major renovation, check out these reinforcing brackets and plates online or at your local Bunnings Warehouse