Fun DIY projects for while you are in lockdown

Use our brackets to upgrade your home with DIY projects during the COVID-19 lockdown

It can feel as though the COVID-19 lockdown is dragging on forever. But social distancing doesn’t have to result in boredom. With the right DIY projects, the extra time spent at home can be enjoyable and constructive. Read on, and see how you can put the ‘fun’ into ‘cessation of fundamental human activities’.

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Knock together a DIY trophy shelf

Whether you’re a ten-time Olympic champion, or even if you’ve just got a few participation trophies, a special shelf for all your plaudits is a great DIY project. You earned those trophies — now it’s time let everybody know about it.

Having a visible reminder of your achievements is good for you, too. The sight of hard-won gold and silver can be a real pick-me-up in trying times. Plus, if you make your own trophy stand, you can also be the self-declared champion of DIY activities.

Clear the clutter with new shelves

There’s nothing worse than having too much stuff, and nowhere to put it. Sure, some people are able to solve their clutter problem by going full Marie Kondo, and find inner peace by throwing out most of what they own. But what if you actually love the things you own? The answer might be additional shelves.

Extra shelves can be a great solution to almost all clutter problems. Too many pot plants? Put them on a shelf. Too many books lying around? Put them on a new bookshelf. Nowhere to store your beloved nick nacks? Well, you see where we’re going: shelf town.

Putting up new shelves in your living room is easy. And, with so many decorative bracket designs to choose from, you’re sure to find at least one that sparks joy.

corner floating shelves

Increase your productivity with an improved home office

With the lockdown, many people have been forced to start working from home. It’s not an easy transition, especially if you have noisy kids, noisy neighbours, and a thrilling Instagram timeline to scroll through for hours. But with the right DIY improvements to your home office, you can bolster your efficiency. You might even end up being more productive than you were at the real office.

Start by building some handy shelves around your workspace. A cluttered desk is the enemy of efficiency, and the improved storage space will make getting down to business that much easier.

Build a spice rack to take your kitchen next level

Many people are finding they’ve got some extra spare time (now that almost all communal activities have been cancelled). One hobby on the rise is home cooking. Chanelling your inner Masterchef is a great way to fill your time during lockdown, and also eat some delicious food.

It’s time to try new dishes — but why not try a new kitchen set up, too? A handy DIY spice rack will make cooking much easier, and save you precious pantry space. Other kitchen-shelf options, like an elevated area for a kettle, or toaster, will free up much-needed space on your countertop.

Bang together a better bathroom

Is the space around your bathroom sink encumbered by horrifying amounts of stuff? Makeup, countless toothbrushes, medicines, razors, and so on? Well, now that you’re in lockdown, it’s time to do something about it.

Additional shelves in the bathroom can make performing your ablutions so much easier. Plus, it can help to avoid safety hazards. Electrical items like hairdryers will be far safer up on a shelf, away from the splash radius of the sink.

storage ideas clothing rack

Ditch the floordrobe and install a chic and minimalist wardrobe

Do you never have enough room for your clothes? It can be a real hassle, especially in smaller properties where floor space is at a premium. Buying a big, hulking wardrobe sometimes isn’t an option.

Try building a cool, minimalist storage solution for your clothes instead. With shelves made from wall brackets, rather than a space-hogging piece of furniture, you’ll have way more floor space in your bedroom. That’s more room for dancing, exercising, and expressing yo-shelf.

Carinya brackets open up a whole world of DIY home improvement activities. You can get them from Bunnings Warehouse and other select retail outlets. But remember to stay safe, and ask for delivery.