Floating Shelf Brackets

Concealed brackets with angle adjustment, used to build floating shelves.

Product Code A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
B21660 110 60 15


Concealed brackets used to build floating shelves. The brackets can hold up to 9kg per pair including shelf.

Floating shelves provide storage space while streamlining your space and creating the illusion of a bigger room. Without visible brackets, which take up more space, you can get more out of your wall space.


  • Our hidden shelf brackets can be used for floating shelves for home projects like:
    • Adding storage to a child’s bedroom
    • Creating a focal point in living rooms
    • Filling up corners of otherwise sparse spaces
    • Adding storage above the sink in kitchens

Floating Shelf What you Need List

Floating Shelf Bracket Wall fixing

Floating Shelf Bracket Shelf Preparation