Which of the 5 fixing bands belong in your toolbox?

A tradie is only as good as his hardware materials

The work of tradesmen keeps bridges standing, ceiling fans secure, and homes warm and toasty through winter. They lay, build, and maintain the foundations that society runs on. Naturally, for a tradie — near enough isn’t good enough. Tradies measure twice.

They say a tradie is only as good as his tools. In truth, it goes further. A tradie is only as good as his hardware materials. Superior skills can’t compensate for inferior equipment. Yet, too often, tradies find themselves rummaging through a toolbox, unable to find the right metal strapping.

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What Are Fixing Bands

Fixing bands, also known as steel bands or metal strapping, are malleable metal strips that are used to secure, support and stabilize pipes to ceilings, secure brackets or fixings to walls, and more.

How are they used?

They can be easily bent into shape and then cut with tin snips. They’re attached by putting screws, nails, or bolts through the pre-punched holes.

They come in a range of dimensions and designs, so different bands are better for different tasks. A chippy may need galvanised steel metal strapping to endure outdoors, while a sparky or plumber requires bands with plastic coating to avoid corrosion. The guide below will help you select the best fixing bands for your toolbox.

The Right Fixing Bands For Your Toolbox

Multi-Hole Galvanised Fixing Bands

Fixing bands

This kind of steel band comes with the most holes and is the most versatile option. It can be used with the most fixtures, at multiple angles, and with multiple screws, nails, and bolts.

Tradies keep this fixing band with them because it can be used in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Strapping in materials for transport
  • Securing all types of brackets and braces
  • Attaching pipes to walls and ceilings
  • General building maintenance

If you can only fit one kind of fixing band in your toolbox, grab this one.

Straight Galvanised Fixing Bands

Hardware materials

With a width of 20mm and a thickness of 0.9mm, this straight fixing band is the widest and thickest metal strapping. It has straight edges and equal-sized holes.

Tradies use this type of steel band for heavy duty applications that require support, including:

  • When air conditioning, refrigeration or heating installations have ducts and vents to be attached to the ceiling
  • General timber joining
  • In industrial assembly

Since it has the same size holes, you know to come prepared with the correct screws, nails or bolts for the task.

Big/Small Hole Galvanised Fixing Bands

hole galvanised fixing bands

Carinya’s big hole/small hole fixing bands feature straight edges and pre-punched holes. This steel band is another all-rounder. The straight edges keep it presentable and strong, yet the two different size holes make it adaptable.

This is a standard steel band that tradies love to keep in their truck. It’s often used by:

  • Plumbers for attaching pipes to walls and ceilings
  • Carpenters when securing joists and for fencing panel repair
  • All tradies on light applications

Wavy Galvanised Fixing Bands

wavy galvanised fixing bands

This fixing band features a wavy design as the steel contours around the pre-punched hole. It makes it more flexible, gives it a streamlined look, but lacks the same strength as bands that use more steel.

Tradies use this on superficial installations, especially ones that require flexibility, such as:

  • Fixing fences
  • Affixing gates to posts
  • Supporting braces and brackets

Wavy Plastic Coated Fixing Bands

waxy plastic coating fixing band

The plastic coated steel band still has an inner band of steel covered in zinc. Then it’s wrapped in plastic, giving it extra resistance against corrosion and chemicals. Aside from the added corrosion and chemical resistance, they’re softer to handle and offer anti-vibration properties.

The plastic coating makes it versatile for a range of applications. It’s especially popular among electricians and in IT, for:

  • Securing cables in offices and server rooms
  • Securing and supporting electronic components

Also, since it’s the most user-friendly metal strapping it’s the one most likely to be used by non-tradies.

Why choose quality fixing bands?

Fixing bands are suitable for a wide variety of securing, supporting and strapping purposes. They’re versatile. Steel bands solve problems every day for tradies. But only because tradies have the skills, experience, and creativity to apply them.

We said a tradie is only as good as his hardware materials. Yet the inverse is equally true: Tools and hardware materials are only as good as the tradesman using them. 

To keep the foundations of society solid and secure, we need the best hardware materials ready to go — in the toolboxes of Australia’s best tradies.

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