5 creative ways to style floating shelves

Style your long floating shelves for extra space with minimal effort

Floating shelves are having a moment in Australia. Aligned with the minimalist, ultra-functional, Scandi-mania movement, shelves are a budget way to utilise unused wall space in apartments, and a clever way of positioning displays in larger homes.

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If you’re considering installing some floating shelves in your rental or forever home, here are five creative ways to style shelves.

Minimalist floating shelves

minimalist scandi floating shelf

The classic Scandi-styled floating shelf should be minimalist. Your shelf should function as an elegant way of displaying your favourite things, including colour-coordinated novels, flourishing ferns and metallic accents.

Your styling must be on-point in a space-shy area like a living room or bedroom.

  • Restyle, restyle, and style again until something sticks. You’ll know it’s right when the design fits your vision.
  • Organise your items so there is one clear focal point. For example, place a large piece of artwork framed by smaller scale accents and pieces.
  • Colour-coordinate your items to showcase a minimal black-and-white shelf, or punctuate a greyscale feature wall with a pop of colour.

Carinya’s Floating Shelf Bracket is an essential part of installing any floating shelf, complete with angle adjustment and weight-bracing functionality.

These floating shelf brackets can also be combined to create long floating shelves. While still maintaining the minimalist look of smaller shelves, you can create even more space along a living room or bedroom wall.

Corner floating shelves

corner floating shelves

As the name implies, corner shelves tuck into the corner of a room. However, more recent and creative models include asymmetrical floating shelves, L-shaped designs and running shelves which curve around the corner or exterior of a room.

  • Utilising the corners of your room maximises floor space and can create distinct feature pieces.
  • Corner shelves are an excellent solution for small rooms and crowded areas.
  • Given their small width, corner shelves are perfect for stacking books. Place statement items like flowering plants or stunning metallic pieces on top of piled books for a greater impact.

If you are planning on styling your corner as a bookshelf, ensuring you have strong, functional brackets is essential for the installation and longevity of your interior design.

Creatively shaped floating shelves

creatively shaped floating shelves

With house and rental prices rising throughout the country, Australians have to compromise on floor space. This trend has allowed for even more creative ways to maximise wall design and storage.

  • Don’t limit your interior design ideas to horizontal floating shelves. Several major retailers offer easy-to-install circular and cubic display wall shelves.
  • Circular and cubic wall shelves are ideal for thematic sections and displays. You can compile your arts and crafts on one shelf, and books and plants on another.
  • Circular and cubic shelves look best in groups, so consider a thoughtful cluster or evenly spaced diagonal design.

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Hyper-functional floating shelves

hyperfunctional floating shelves

Creating a versatile wall space in your living room or kitchen is easy with a single or double long floating shelf.

  • Stack your kitchen items to give your shelves an extra dimension. Try pans and pots on the topmost floating shelf with neat stacks of plates or cups on the lowest level.
  • Tell a visual story by enforcing invisible lines between the sections of your long floating shelves. Use pot plants or artwork to subtly frame each section as part of the whole picture.
  • Maximise your wall space by adding a closet rod bracket, which will give you the option of hanging pots, pans or plants.

Carinya’s range of functional brackets includes standard angle brackets for bracing and supporting your floating shelves. These come in several styles, including galvanised, zinc, stainless steel and powder coated finishes.

Rustic floating shelves

rustic floating shelves

Rustic touches paired with warm, earthy hues and textures can give your living spaces a cosy feel.

  • Style and create your own rustic shelves with wood and native flora.
  • Complement this organic design with lush greenery, moody lamps and candles.
  • Ensure that any wood is supported by quality brackets in the style of your choosing.

How to install

Reinforcing your floating wall shelves with proper support brackets and screws is essential to keeping your interior design strong, functional and lasting.

For a full DIY guide and advice on the tools required for installing floating shelves, you can visit our blog. To learn more about our extensive range of functional brackets, contact us today.