Best home office shelving ideas

Create an inspiring home office space with Carinya shelving

Working from home is on the rise and creating a sacred space for your home office deserves maximum attention. Shelving is a wonderful way to declutter the desk (and mind) and transform your space into a work temple.

We often have books, papers, pictures and plants that are necessary to create Zen while we work – but only if they’re organised. Read on for our top home office shelving ideas to design or revamp your room.

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Single shelf above the desk

best home office shelving

For a simple DIY job you could opt for the single shelf that sits just up from eye level above the desk. This type of shelf will keep your important items in reach, but still give your desk some extra room to breathe.

One of the popular shelf brackets for this type of shelf is the Heavy Duty Manhattan comes in a range of sizes and load capacities. The single shelf is a great option if:

  • You are short on space
  • You have limited items to display
  • You want greenery or some picture frames in view
  • Cost at Bunnings Warehouse between $3 – $5 each

While this bracket is unobtrusive there are many other decorative shelf brackets to choose from if you prefer something a little more stylised.

Symmetrical rows of wall shelving

home office shelving ideas

If you have quite a busy desk and a sizeable wall or high ceiling, symmetrical rows of wall shelving can enhance your space nicely. This type of shelf will keep your important items accessible, but vertically lifted.

One of the shelf brackets we recommend for this type of shelf are the Arched Stayed Bracket and there are a range of sizes and load capacities. Symmetrical layered shelving is a great option if:

  • Your work items often overwhelm your desk and office
  • You prefer an even edged/symmetrical structure
  • You want your vast array of items within reach
  • Cost at Bunnings Warehouse between $4.50 – $6 each

This industrial looking bracket is fantastic with white shelving in a bright space. If you require some brackets that are more heavy duty we have an excellent range of functional shelf brackets.

S shaped office shelves

functional shelf brackets

S shaped or Asymmetrical shelves are a vibrant and eclectic way to design your home office space. This type of shelving takes a few extra minutes to construct but is still achievable for a DIY queens and kings.

One option is to use Floating Brackets which keeps the bracket itself hidden and the focus on the design, shelving, and spacing of the shelves. The S shaped floating shelves are ideal if:

  • You wish to design a unique space
  • You have a variety of small items including succulents or some note pads
  • Your design aesthetic is more ‘think outside the box’ rather than conventional
  • Cost at Bunnings Warehouse $11.50 for a pair

It doesn’t have to be an S shape that you create with the floating shelves, and if you have an unusually shaped room you can get creative with the shelf placement.

Shelves for the book worm

decorative shelf brackets 1

If you have oodles of books and are seeking a distinguished home office aesthetic – you require shelving that is spacious and robust. Displaying rows and rows of books has a warm, homely feel with character and charm.

One of our favourites is the Straight Stayed Brackets Black that can hold a range of weight loads from 100kg to 225kg and has excellent stability. This type of shelving is great where:

  • You wish to design a wall with multiple rows of long shelving
  • You love to be surrounded by books while you work
  • Your design aesthetic is worldly, refined and functional
  • Cost at Bunnings Warehouse $4.50 – $10.50 each

Remember there are different sizes of many of the brackets and the right one will depend on your wall space and the size of the display items. Always keep an eye out for load rating too, so your shelving not only looks great, but is suitably strong.

Designing or improving your home office can be a big step towards increasing your focus in a calm and curated space. Find Carinya’s high quality shelving brackets in store at your nearest Bunnings Warehouse and other select retail outlets.

*Prices stated current as at 11/07/19