Maximise your living space with DIY shelves

Choose Bunnings-stocked shelving by Carinya for your next DIY project

Ready for your next DIY building project? Installing shelves is an excellent way to increase storage and give your living spaces the lift it deserves. Installation is fairly straightforward, and it’s a satisfying way to put your budding building skills to good use.

If you’re putting up shelves, make a bee line to Bunnings and don’t forget your shopping list. Bunnings-stocked shelf brackets made by Carinya are safe, secure and competitively priced.

Whether you’re distinctive designs or functional shelving bracket, we’re here to help. Visit your nearest Bunnings Warehouse to select from Carinya’s wide variety of shelving bracket and storage accessories.


Getting started on DIY shelves

A little bit of planning goes a long way when it comes to installing shelf brackets. We suggest measuring the space where you want to place the shelves, noting the length and breadth of shelving required.

Our load ratings are tested with the below specifications:

  • Brackets are between 415mm apart in distance.
  • Bracket is fastened to wall using shortest side of bracket.

Types of Carinya Shelving Brackets

Our range includes a large selection of functional, heavy duty and decorative shelving solutions. Choosing the right bracket will depend on your style and purpose.


1. Plywood Angle Bracket

The Plywood Angle Bracket is a fantastic option for indoor DIY shelving. This light duty Plywood bracket looks natural and is easy to work with. The sleek design would suit a modern or renovated aesthetic and it would contrast well with a dark coloured shelf.

Plywood Angle Bracket with Screws

A pair of these brackets support a load weight of 75kg, which means it could be useful for the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. It would be suitable for light to medium weight items like books, toiletries, wineglasses, or ornaments.

2. Carinya White Stronghold Bracket

The White Stronghold Bracket is another great option for a DIY shelving project. This high-quality steel bracket is powder coated in white or black and is suitable for indoor shelving. This angle bracket is modern, subtle in appearance and ideal for the home.


A pair of these brackets support a load weight of 30kg. This means it can only withstand light weight items, such as mini portable speaker, some candles, or a small succulent.

3. White light stayed Bracket

The white light stayed bracket is made from steel and powder coated white. The stay adds strength and makes this a brilliantly durable option. This effortless and contemporary look is well suited to the home.

White Light Stayed Brackets Group

A pair of these brackets support a load weight of 50kg, so this is for light duty shelving projects. They are ideal for the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen and are suitable for items like small pot plants, board games, or a teapot with tea cups.

4. Black Satin Scroll Bracket

The Black Satin Scroll Bracket is made from high quality steel and is powder coated in a black satin. The scroll stay is decorative and functional as it adds strength.

Scroll Brackets Black Group

A pair of these brackets support a load weight of 100kg, so this is for medium duty shelving projects. This sturdy and attractive bracket will fit nicely in a bedroom, kitchen or office space and may hold items such as books, medium weighted pot plants or pots and pans.

5. Euro Shelf Bracket

The Euro Shelf Bracketis a delightful decorative shelving bracket and the stay provides extra strength and stability. The brackets are available in white, silver or black and are an impressive addition to the home or office.

Bracket Black Cut Outs Wider Lip Group All Colours

A pair of these brackets support a load weight of 150kg, so this is for heavier duty shelving projects. This shelf support would be ideal for items like books, wine bottles, weighty ornaments and plants.

Double check your wall bracket weight capacity

Please refer to the detailed information about load rating and test specifications on our website. Importantly, the weight capacity of all shelf brackets will always be dependent on:

  • The condition of the wall the brackets are being fitted to
  • Evenly distributing weight across the shelf
  • Distance between brackets (a 415mm gap is recommended)

For further instructions on installing specific Carinya wall brackets see the Product Details on Carinya’s website.

Get your DIY shelving project off the ground today and visit your local Bunnings Warehouse for reliable and robust shelving products.